• Shortness of breath
    • Chest pain
    • Blunt thoracic trauma
    • Confirmation of endotracheal intubation

Clinical Questions

    • Is there evidence of a pneumothorax?
    • Is there evidence of a pleural effusion?
    • Is there evidence of pulmonary edema?
    • Is the endotracheal tube in the correct location?


Limited Chest/Thoracic/Pleura Ultrasound performed by me:
Indication: Chest pain/Shortness of breath, r/o pneumothorax
Interpretation: No pneumothorax, no pulmonary edema, no pleural effusion
Image archived in the medical record.

Recommended Reading

    • Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound Vol 1 & Vol 2
      • Chapter 7: Lung

Other Online Resources

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