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    • A clinical suspicion for obstructive uropathy in patient presenting with acute flank or abdominal pain
    • Assessment of bladder volume to evaluate for urinary retention

Clinical Questions

      • Is there hydronephrosis? What degree? Bilateral or unilateral?
      • Is a stone visualized in the calyces or bladder?
      • Is the bladder distended?


Limited Renal Ultrasound performed by me:
Indication: flank pain
Interpretation: There is no evidence of hydronephrosis.
Images archived in medical record

Limiter Bladder Ultrasound performed by me:
Indication: Urinary retention
Interpretation: There is no evidence of acute urinary retention. Approximately *** mL of bladder fluid are present.
Images archived in medical record

Recommended Reading

    • Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound Vol 1 & Vol 2
      • Chapter 6: Renal

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